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If you have been considering organising kids guitar lessons you maybe asking yourself some questions. Kids guitar lessons are not really the same as adult lessons for many reasons. Factors such as choosing the right size guitar all play a part in the success of your child learning a musical instrument.

Parents spend a lot of time and money organising activities for their kids and driving too and from lessons can be a real hassle. In the last 2 years we have seen a major increase in online education with zoom and skype classes becoming the new normal.

The COVID 19 virus having a major impact on how we structure our lives in and out of the classroom. Parents are looking for ways to entertain and educate their kids more then ever.

What if there was a way for your child to learn the guitar without handing over $1000s of dollars a year on Lessons? More importantly what
if they had a real desire to practice and had a complete training system they could follow at home.

In this article I am going to show you a super simple system that parents, homeschoolers and teachers are all using to great success.


Kids Guitar Dojo is the perfect introduction into the world of guitar for young beginners. It’s ideal for teachers, parents or anyone looking for a simple method that is both fun and engaging.

kids guitar dojo book 1Book 1 comes with a set of removable fretboard markers; AKA “training wheels for the guitar” These colourful markers are simple road signs designed to catch the students attention and assist them with fretboard navigation. They wont damage the guitar and easily fit on 1/4 size, 1/2 size and 3/4 size guitars. Students are encouraged to remove the markers as they become more confident

Tips and Tricks For Kids Learning Guitar

Covering all the fundamentals such as tuning your guitar , posture and the best ways to set up the practice room to avoid distractions.


The Fast Track Fretboard System - How It Is Installed On Guitar In 5 minutes

Rather then focusing on learning how to read music from Day 1 ( like a lot of outdated methods)  we break that process in half.

In Book 1 we focus on reading rhythms which is the first half of the reading music process. Rhythm comes first with this program as it’s the essential ingredient every musician needs.

Taking this path places more emphasis on co-ordinating the limbs and building motors skills first. The key ingredient when it comes to playing any musical instrument is rhythm and laying down a solid foundation early on is arguably the fastest path for the student to take. Students will have access to step by step video lessons which include animations to help solidify each chapter in
the book.

We introduce backing tracks with drums and bass early on to make playing the simplest tunes fun and engaging. We also utilise gamification in the members area and award badges, points and certificates. This has proven to be a great motivator and helps drive the students daily practice. Time watching lessons is logged and quiz questions further their understanding.

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