How To Teach Kids Guitar - Lesson 1 | The Practice Space

If you have ever attempted to teach a young child the guitar you would have most likely come up against a few challenges. The first consideration is the size of their arms ,hands and fingers in relationship to the size of the guitar. This is an important factor which if not addressed can put anyone off learning  the guitar.  Once a young beginner has the right sized instrument they will most likely look to their parents for guidance whether thats private lessons or a trip to YouTube. But one of the most important things is the practice space and that’s what we are going to cover in this article.

Whether kids are taking private lessons or learning online ,Parents often overlook the practice space and just how important it is in their further development. Private lessons are great but only one piece of the puzzle. Lessons alone are not enough and this is why the Practice space  is where all the improvement happens.

In this article we are going to look at some effective ways to improve the practice space. Please look over this article and share 

Setting Up The Practice Space Free of Distractions

Avoid noisy areas and spaces where kids can easily get distracted. Dont practice in the common space like a lounge room or a noisy kitchen. Just like learning any new skill it takes a certain level of concentration.

A Suitable Chair

the practice space kids guitar dojo

Avoid chairs with arms on the side and make sure their feet can touch the ground. They need to be able to balance the guitar comfortably on their lap. A guitar foot stool can be used to alleviate a chair that’s too tall.

Stands and Mounts

  • Music Stand
  • Guitar Stand
  • A desk
  • Ipad Desk Mount
  • Foot Stool

A music stand for the kids Guitar Dojo Book is recommended and the desktop music would be very useful.

If using an ipad mount that attaches to a desk, make sure it’s at their eye level. Some kids will be using a desktop computer or laptop so just set up the space to work for you.


good desktop stand
Practice is not the same as performing

Practice is not the same as performing we encourage parents to put on little concerts for friends and relatives. Grandparents love watching their Grand kids play and the kids get a real buzz.

Once kids can separate the two activities – practice and performing, they will realise practice helps them play better. Playing in front of people and getting applause is a huge confidence booster.

video your kids playing guitar
Choosing The Right Sized Guitar

This article will show you how to choose the best sized guitar for your child

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