Kids Guitar Dojo - Easy Guitar Lessons for Kids

Kids Guitar Dojo is an online video guitar lessons service that offers easy guitar lessons for kids. Kids love to learn and playing the guitar is a great way for them to start expressing themselves creatively. 

Playing the guitar also stimulates and improves brain activity in children. It’s fun, rewarding, and helps build self-confidence! 

Traditional methods of learning guitar are frustrating and time-consuming forcing you to look for qualified teachers for children. Kids Guitar Dojo allows your child to practice at their own convenience by using our interactive videos anywhere there is internet access

Learn At Your Own Pace

Our interactive videos are perfect for children because they can learn at their own pace without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Kids Guitar Dojo Book 1 will teach your child how to read tablature and rhythms, play chords and melodies while using backing tracks to reinforce the learning curve. 

Kids also learn about strumming techniques, rhythm patterns, playing a 12 bar blues, and many more things too!

As a parent or teacher, there are no long-term commitments and there is a broad range of difficulty levels available for each student. Kids Guitar Dojo are online easy guitar lessons for kids that offer simple guitar lessons. We also have qualified teachers who have been teaching children since 1990.


How young can they start?

Generally speaking, Kids Guitar Dojo is easy guitar lessons for kids from 5 to 17 years of age but some of our courses are designed for even younger learners. This means that no matter what age your child is, he or she can start learning how to play the guitar today.

Choosing a guitar

Choosing the right sized guitar is crucial for young beginners and we recommend nylon string guitars as they are easier on young fingers and also cost effective. in . There are a wide range of acoustic guitars, electric guitars but we have researched this and have a complete guide here on choosing the right sized guitar for kids. Each guitar is tuned to standard tuning and comes with a built in electronic tuner which means that your child can start playing almost immediately.

The most popular choice for easy guitar lessons for kids are the acoustic models because they are light and easy to carry around.

The electric models are also good for easy guitar lessons for kids but they require an amplifier to make the sound louder in order for a child or even adult student to hear themselves while playing. 

If you have access to an acoustic performance space, then this is not as big of an issue because it will provide natural amplification through the building’s natural acoustic structure.

How much practice is needed to make progress?

5 days a week 15-20 minutes per day is recommended, anything beyond that is great. Many children enjoy playing along with backing tracks and spend more time in the member’s area.

You can decide for yourself how much practice per day is needed to make progress. The more time you are willing to put into your guitar lessons the better but don’t feel like you have to spend hours on end practicing when a shorter amount of time will suffice as well.

Easy, step-by-step video lessons

YouTube may be a great resource but it’s also full of distractions, Kids Guitar Dojo has a clear learning path that both students and parents can follow. In fact, many parents have taken up the guitar and completed the course alongside their children.

Kids Guitar Dojo is an online video guitar lessons service that offers easy guitar lessons for kids, so they can learn to play the instrument and have fun doing it! Kids of all ages are welcome in this course but we recommend starting when your child is at least five years old (or six if you’re confident). 

Fun and interactive games to help you learn faster 

Kids Guitar Dojo is not like other online guitar teaching platforms. Most websites provide access to multiple video tutorials with no real clear practice goals or objectives. 

We designed a Gamification system that gives points for completion of different lessons, and helps kids understand what they need to do. Our easy guitar lessons are designed with games in mind; everything is fun!

Kids Guitar Dojo was created by two parents who both love music but couldn’t find a safe place for their own children that teaches the instrument in an interactive way. We want every child to be able to learn how to play guitar, no matter what their age or background.

Our approach doesn’t just teach guitar, it teaches life skills. Kids Guitar Dojo is a place for kids to learn how to be creative in the world of music and art by playing games that make learning easy.

Kids also get access to interactive professional videos from some of their favorite artists that show them just what they can achieve if they put in the hard work!

Students take part in multiple-choice quizzes to further reinforce the lessons. String names, fret positions, beats and bars, time signatures are all easy to remember when kids are given the chance to practice and learn.

The online guitar instruction is tailored for easy learning, so they can move on at their own pace or be challenged as they progress.

Kids Guitar Dojo is a safe place for children where there’s no pressure of competition and everyone shares in the joy of music-making!

Kids Guitar Dojo is the most fun and easy way to learn guitar 

Student’s simply login to the members area and follow the steps. For every 7 days of practice the student is awarded a badge. Along with the badges students are also rewarded with our own virtual currency (dojo dollars) which they can spend in the Kids Guitar Dojo Online Store. 

Bonus songs, educational games and colouring in books related to guitars are just some of the items that can be purchased in our online store.

This does a number of things for early musical development:

  • Develops solid practice habits.
  • Encourages and rewards persistence.
  • Creates a safe environment for learning music with no competition or stress. 
  • Offers easy guitar lessons for kids, whilst also making the process more fun!

No need for a tutor or expensive private lessons

We know it’s hard finding a qualified teacher, so we make it easy with our online video lessons. You don’t need any experience, and you don’t need to know how to read music! The lessons are easy guitar lessons for kids, so anyone can learn.

Kids Guitar Dojo offers a professional service with high-quality video content that is simple enough for beginners – but still challenging enough for more advanced students. This means we have something in the program for everyone: no matter your age, skill level or budget.

Kids Guitar Dojo has a modern and easy interface that is intuitive to use and navigate. You can learn at your own pace – there are no deadlines! And you won’t need any expensive equipment either: just get started today with our online video lessons for kids.