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How Online Guitar Lessons Work For Kids During The Covid Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic affects all areas of life and for many they have been forced to stop taking their children to one on one guitar lessons. Without a doubt all of these lockdowns have been very disruptive for parents with young children. However online guitar lessons for kids maybe the answer that will enable your child to continue their musical journey and education during these difficult times? 

Take Online Guitar Lessons Without Leaving Your Home

Regardless of Covid today’s technology makes it easy to learn music from the comfort of your own home. With many countries advising people to stay at home taking online guitar lessons from home is a great way to stay safe during the pandemic.


5 Reason’s why Online Guitar Lessons and Courses Are Effective

Online classes provide greater flexibility if you are handling  a lot of daily commitments. With online music lessons, there is no need to commute so you will save time not sitting in traffic. 

  1. No scheduling involved with an Online Course – The Kids Guitar Dojo Program is all laid out step by step in a day to day format. Kids have clear practice goals and the gamification system inspires daily practice.
  2. Students won’t forget to practice is as they have access to all the video instructions, demonstrations and backing tracks.
  3. Its cheaper then one on one tuition. The average guitar lesson runs at $60 per hour. Over 40 weeks in year that’s $2400 not to mention time spent in traffic and fuel costs.
  4. A good course will have quiz questions and issue certificates when goals are reached.

The best online music lessons provide convenience, resources, and guidance to students. They provide a space where students can learn at their own pace without having any distractions they would in a normal classroom environment.

Students With Anxiety

For some students learning music online takes away a lot of the stress of performing in front of people. If you have a difficult time singing or playing your instrument in front of other students this can help reduce some of the stress associated with performance anxiety.

Online Guitar Course’s verse One on One Zoom Lessons

With online guitar lessons, you don’t have to travel to your music teacher. Simply open up your computer and complete your lessons in your living room or anywhere!

Setting Up For A Zoom Lesson

Zoom/Skype Lessons 

  • You will need a strong internet connection to make sure you can receive live video for your lessons. Check your upload speed 8-20MB is best.
  • If your internet is a bit slow dont rely on WiFi, try plugging your ethernet cord directly into your laptop or desktop computer. This will boost your internet speed.
  • Use a webcam if the computer does not have a suitable camera. Make sure your  child is in shot and there is adequate lighting in the room. You can place a light behind the camera if its dark. You can use test mode in zoom prior to lesson

Online Course 

Upload speed in not as important as download speed as your child will be streaming video content within the course. This is usually not a big deal with internets speeds being pretty quick these days.

Can you do both – online course and zoom lessons

There are some fantastic online guitar learning websites  with thousands of lessons with a plethora of material by the worlds best teachers and players. They have the adult market covered but nothing comes close to Kids Guitar Dojo for young children aged between 5-12yrs. Having an online mentor will give you the best of both worlds so I recommend using both formats – use an online course then follow that up with a Zoom or Skype session with a Teacher. 

The Critique Method 

The critique method is not like the live Skype or Zoom approach as the student videos themselves playing then upload the video to YouTube. They make all their videos private and send the link to the teacher. The teacher then replies via email with a video critique and advises the student ways they can improve and practice. This can work really well for the student if they are shy and don’t want to be committed to any scheduled lesson. This can generally be cheaper than the live video lesson approach.

So don’t put your music lessons on hold in fact there are a lot of advantages to taking an online course such as kids guitar dojo stay at home program.

With a Free Introductory course available why not atke advantage of this offer and see why many parents are using the kids guitar dojo program. Arguably the best stay at home guitar learning platform for kids on world wide web.