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Matthew Fernance
Matthew FernanceMelbourne Australia
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Fantastic program well worth the money ! My son was able to follow the lessons easily from the website portal. Very well planned and put together course, the gamifiaction really helps with practice and the backing tracks I think really spark the interest - Highly recomended!
Stehen Mayer
Stehen Mayer Sydney Australia
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My 7yr old Daughter is really enjoying this, the fretboard markers are a great idea and I can see how this really helps little kids. and fingers. As a musician myself I understand the importance of rhythm and timing is and this is addressed the right way. The video lessons use animations and are engaging. Don't hesitate just buy it ! I sent $2500 last year on private lessons that went nowhere
Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson Portland USA
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We are homeschooling our daughter and were recommended Kids Guitar Dojo from a guitar teacher . This has been a saviour for us as we dont have to tell her when to practice -she just loves it.

A proven path for success

1000s of young guitarists around the globe are using the Online Guitar Lessons For Kids method


Detailed Guidance

Complete instructional material that any Student, Teacher or Parent can follow


Complete Instructions

Clear demonstration of guitar techniques to guide Teachers and Students


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Activity Based Learning

KGD is an activity-based curriculum that makes learning to play guitar easy and enjoyable. We’ve found that kids do much better with an activity-based approach to learning music, which reduces frustration and eliminates the possibility of getting “stuck.” And most importantly for parents, it encourages children to practice independently and voluntarily.

Become A Guitar Ninja Today!

Join over a 1000 students happily learning guitar from the comfort of their own home


Easy To Use Teaching Tools

KGD gives the student , parents and teachers  practical tools that facilitate good teaching. You’ll have complete guidance every step of the way with in-depth, video tutorials and a gamification system which kids love to keep them inspired to practice and love the learning process.
They will be rewarded digital badges and certificates of achievement and can earn dojo dollars to spend in the store. A reward system that has proven to help students focus on their daily practice.

The Ultimate Learn Guitar From Home Program

Why Kid's Guitar Dojo Works

How many times have you heard someone say, “If theres one thing in life I regret, it’s not taking up a musical instrument.” Or, “I wish I started playing guitar when I was younger.” When I was studying guitar at University in my early 20s my lecturer said, “Practice now because you will never get an opportunity like this again.” However there is something to be said for starting to learn a musical instrument between the ages of 5 and 12. The muscle memory and co-ordination that develops before reaching the teenage years is extremely valuable.  Many adults feel they missed the opportunity and certainly don’t want their own kids missing out on the gift of music.

I remember having a lot of time on my hands in primary school but guitars just seemed overwhelmingly large in size. These days having little hands and small fingers is no longer an issue for young children with 1/4 , 1/2 and 3/4 size guitars readily available and reasonably priced. Kids can get off to a great start playing guitar and later graduate to a full size instruments.  Along with our own  Fast Track Fretboard System ( AKA: Training Wheels For Guitar) kids get the helping hand they need. These colourful fretboard markers act like road signs, visual cues that lead youngsters around the guitar so they can arrive at finger positions quickly.

But just like a bicycle the training wheels come off as Kids build confidence. A solid understanding of the fretboard develops through quiz questions, testing their knowledge along the way. During the training wheels stage motor skills grow with backing tracks gently pushing the student into Rhythm basics.  A firm understanding of Rhythm is brought to the forefront, arguably the most important ingredient to becoming an accomplished guitar player. Then when the student is ready the training wheels come off the guitar.  Lessons are fun and engaging with gamification housed inside the students own dashboard driving daily practice and goals.

Parents can also take the hassel out of the equation. No more travelling to and from classes and wasting time in traffic. Kids login to their own private dashboard where they find their daily practice and gamification practice points laid out step by step.

No previous musical experience is required with kids guitar dojo and many parents  get involved and learn to play guitar themselves. A perfect way to spend time together during lockdown and just bond through music. Many parents who have completed the program with their kids have told me this is priceless.

Kids Guitar Dojo is also popular in the homeschooling community as well as regular school students who want to learn from home. Kids Guitar Dojo is the perfect introduction into the world of guitar. It’s designed to be understood on a gradual basis and in a way that will support your child’s own musical development.