Techniques For Dyslexics Learning Music - Kids Guitar Dojo Leads The Way

In this article we are going to look at Techniques For Dyslexics learning music, in particularly the guitar.  Firstly we will analyse why learning music for dyslexics can be challenging but also ways in which it can be made fun and interactive. Secondly we will look a how Kids Guitar Dojo’s unique Training Wheels feature can help kids build up their skills gradually over time. 

This gives them the opportunity to master each skill without feeling overwhelmed by all of the material at once. The gamification also helps drive daily practice because it rewards students with points for completing lessons and missions every day! 

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Why children with dyslexia struggle with reading music?

Research suggests the same issues that make reading difficult also make learning to read musical notation hard.

Kids with dyslexia have trouble isolating sounds in words and then mapping them back to letters. However for some kids with dyslexia, reading music may be easier than reading text.

The Kids Guitar Dojo Program approaches reading music in a different way.

First let’s look at the two parts or aspects of reading music.

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The first part is identifying the notes on the page and traditionally this is very one dimensional. Black notes on white paper can appear to be very boring for kids regardless of dyslexia. 




Value Length Of Notes 

The second part is understanding the rhythmic value  or length of an individual note. 

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Our research suggests that dyslexics learning music will benefit if you break the learning into 2 parts.  Students wont feel so overwhelmed if you split the process into two parts. Start the student with the rhythm aspect first and use the training wheels system ( stickers that attach to the fretboard) provides a visual experience they can easily identify with. Rhythm is teh master stroke when it comes to music no matter how you look at it. Whether its reading music off a page or playing something committed to memory. 

Kids that struggle to stay focused

It’s no secret that kids who struggle with focusing and staying on task have a tough time in traditional music lessons. The struggle is real for kids who can’t stay focused, but that doesn’t mean we give up and miss an opportunity to get them started at a young age.

At Kids Guitar Dojo we have modified traditional methods – hot rodded them if you like into a fun and engaging way thats Kids get! Making it way more accessible was our objective for kids and adults who have issues with staying on task and focusing.

Do dyslexics struggle with music?

For those who have difficulty reading music, these techniques may help them learn to play an instrument. They can use pictures or pictures with words instead of numbers so that the process is easier for kids with dyslexia and other special needs learning how to read sheet music as well as isolate sounds in each note – which would otherwise be very difficult without this skill!

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What is the best way for dyslexics to learn Guitar?

  1. Remove All Distractions. …
  2. Set Small Goals and Rewards
  3. Keep an Agenda or Planner. …
  4. Find a Quiet Space Free Of Noise Or Static Sounds
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Can Kids Still Learn The Guitar Without Reading Music?

If you have a child who struggles with reading music, don’t get discouraged! They may still be able to tell when an instrument is out of tune. They can also hear the right pitch and this kind of skill far out ways the ability to read music of a piece of paper. In fact, some children find it easier than others because their stronger sense for rhythm comes from experience in other areas such as hearing sound waves.  Understanding written words on paper is not easy for kids with dyslexia 

Guitarists are lucky in the sense that we have whats called TAB which is a written format of numbers which piano players dont have

Some people are born with dyslexia but make great musicians-I know this firsthand since one friend’s dad was diagnosed years ago; yet even though he had trouble sightreading new material at school due to his lack o deciphering printed symbols–he could still recognize good rhythms without having any difficulty identifying beats within song

Why Kid's Guitar Dojo Works

Bite Sized Lessons


Bite-Sized Guitar Lessons are a great way for kids to learn guitar but they also have to be fun. lessons are designed so that even a 5yr old can start on the instrument and get those little fingers moving and not feeling overwhelmed. Every small step is an achievement and kids with learning issues need to know this. 

Training Wheels

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The fretboard markers are a must for young guitarists who need help learning the instrument. They provide visual guidance and can be fitted easily and just give them that confidence to spring forward. Confusion is removed instantly and kids can focus more on the rhythm and music while still building vital motor skills. 

These really are the secret sauce for dyslexics learning music and have helped 1000s of Kids all over the world.


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Gamifying lessons allow children an opportunity for success right off-the bat by rewarding points when completing practicing to backing tracks. You can make learning fun for kids with gamification. Kids love to show off their skills and knowledge, which is why it’s important they have an interactive environment where they are encouraged and rewarded for successful answers or actions! Gamification is one of the greatest ways to keep kids engaged and interested in learning. Kids want to be like their parents, but many parents are too busy working hard at work or taking care of other things outside themselves (like family) that they can’t offer much help with homework time; this drives them even further away from practicing regularly. 

The Right Sized Guitar

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When you’re a beginner, the right guitar can make or break your musical journey. So it pays to do some research and find out which size is best for beginners (and what type). We have covered all that here in our article best sized guitar for kids. 

They will need something smaller and more manageable, right? The wrong guitar could prove tough for them at their young age!

This article covers everything you need to know on how to select a guitar for kids